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Rachael Slack DHP MAPHP

Rachael Slack, DHP

Diploma in Advanced Hypnosis and Hypno-analysis

Diploma in Hypnosis and Psychotherapy

Advanced BWRT Practitioner  & Life coach & Anxiety specialist

I was fortunate enough to train on a one-to-one study programme with Terence Watts C.G.I. Terence is a renowned Advanced Hypnotherapist and Founder of the Essex Institute for Clinical Hypnosis. He is also the author of many books, including ‘Warriors, Settlers & Nomads’ - hailed as 'a work of genius' and the Award Winning Easy Quit Smoking Programme. 


My studies have ensured extensive, high level professional training, ongoing one-to-one supervision and mentoring alongside further advanced and continued professional study. Terence is also the originator of BWRT and has trained me personally through to the advanced Level 3, coaching and dealing with depression.

For some 10 years now I have been in regular practice with several 1000's of hours of client experience behind me a, incorporating cutting edge techniques to help my clients towards their goals.  Further advancement resulted in my receiving a licence to offer the Essex Institutes Professional Practitioner courses, in addition to running my busy practice, to help those who wish to train in the area of Clinical Hypnotherapy become the very best they can be. For further details about training with the Milton Keynes School of Clinical Hypnosis, visit the website at

On a personal note I'm a keen athlete in long distance  events and have also earned a place in Team GB for age-group duathlon.  I continue to pursue this, although each year it gets harder.  Mother of a proverbial tribe of Children and now several Grandchildren, life has afforded me vast experience and a keen understanding of the human condition.


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