Do you want to change something about yourself? Lose weight maybe? Stop drinking so much alcohol? Be more confident or assertive? Maybe you are just feeling overwhelmed? Maybe your fears and anxieties are stopping you live the life you want to lead? Or maybe just the sheer volume of stress weighing you down is holding you back.

Whatever the reason for wanting changes, some of what is mentioned here, some not, the bottom line is, change is a process, it takes time. Often a difficulty with change is the desire for change to be fast and finished. The truth is yes, it can be quite fast, especially with some methodologies such as BWRT (brain working recursive therapy) & hypnotherapy and analysis - I’ve been privy to change at a truly elevated level. However, ongoing change, change that lasts through and beyond old triggers trying to drag us back to old behaviour patterns, change that compounds through new positive experience and expectations, change that feels a natural everyday part of self – well at this point we truly become a glorious work in progress.

It is a wise individual that sees the changes they seek as an ongoing life experience with ups and downs yet being in a far better place to deal with the roller coaster that is modern life. Too many of us hit a hurdle and quickly regress back to old ways in a defeatist display. Enter new phases of change with a realistic expectation. There are no magic therapists, no magic cures but there is good sound therapy models, positive pathways to change but, as the pictures say, always remember….change is a process and not an event. Have a great week :)

Rachael Slack DHP

BWRT Practitioner

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