What is Hypnobirthing?

My own birth experiences, 25 – 32 years ago, were a fearful concoction of pain, distress and medical interventions akin to an ongoing nightmare with no sign of dawn.  My whole expectation following the birth of my first child left me with the expectation of all that happened before and all 3 births followed a similar pattern.  None of them included my wishes, wants, pre-determined birth plans – it felt like a nasty dental extraction. The sadness being, I can’t go back and change anything.  Thankfully for my eldest daughter, hypnobirthing was available and a calmer, less fearful experience was enabled.

Hypnobirthing is both an education programme in terms of the mind/body response during labour and the practical teaching/learning of relaxation techniques during the birth.  The empowerment of the mother and birthing partner to manage sensations and make choices without the automatic intervention of medical professionals. 

We know stress and fear can inhibit the labour process and the previous expectations of mum via other birth stories can all lead towards an unsatisfactory experience.  Facilitating the ability to relax deeply, guided by mum and the birthing partner, to aid in the maximum production of mums own natural painkilling and feel good hormones and placing all in the best emotional space possible so any necessary changes to plans can be met positively and calmly and to work alongside professionals rather than handing the experience over as a medical event is key in enabling as calm experience as possible.