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When anxiety or panic attacks strike, they can have a huge effect on a persons life. If you find that you suffer from these anxiety attacks or panic attacks, or general feelings of anxiety (general anxiety disorder), maybe even for no obvious reason, then hypnotherapy could be the help you need to free you from this problem.  


The anxiety can manifest itself as a simple, but unexplainable feeling of nervousness, through to a full-blown anxiety or panic attack. The symptoms of a panic or anxiety attack are wide ranging, and can include palpitations, tingling in the extremities, shortness of breath, sweating, a feeling of light-headedness, feeling hot or cold, feeling sick, fear of losing control, fainting, or feelings of unexplained but impending doom.  


Anxiety is part of everyday life... under the right circumstances it is perfectly normal. However, when anxiety attacks are unexplained or frequent, then it's time to get the help that can put you back on track.  


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Your Greatest Self.



Without self belief, self worth and the ensuing confidence such self acceptance brings, we are likely to suffer the effects of a whole host of limiting beliefs about ourselves. Frustration and inner conflict as what we try to do is over-ruled by our inner self. Anxiety, stress, depression and weight gain, to name but a few all have their roots firmly entangled in the hard, dusty dirt of low self esteem.

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  • Free yourself from bad habits

  • Free yourself from addiction

  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs

  • Free yourself from stress and anxiety

  • Free yourself from panic

  • Start to like yourself

  • Start each day positively

  • Start to take back control

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Thank you for changing my life!

I decided to give BWRT a try to change my relationship around alcohol. Before my first consultation with Rachael, I was stuck in a rut doing the same thing every night and hoping it would change. I was drinking 1-1.5 bottles of wine every night and was totally fed up doing it, but I couldn’t help myself to stop or change.

I had tried various other types of therapy with limited success and I always had to make an effort to change, this included hypnotherapy, counselling, CBT. However, with BWRT after the second session, my life turned itself around all on its own. Which is unbelievable I know but that is what happened. I just woke up one morning and that was it I didn’t want alcohol and it was no effort……………..I haven’t looked back since and am now free to choose what I want to do, when I want and am no longer held back!!!

Life is once again great and I can’t thanks Rachael or BWRT enough, or recommend either of them highly enough. If you want to change your life, then get in touch with Rachael, she is an awesome therapist that really wants to help you get to where you want to be and live the life you really want.

Amber MK'  May 2018

'Rachael trained me in the art ( and science) of hypnotherapy and hypnoanalysis, and what an inspiring experience it was!! 
Rachael is an amazing woman, she has boundless energy, an intrinsic interest in people and their needs, a great depth of knowledge , a wealth of experience and a toolbox brimming with ideas and skills. Rachael is passionate about her work, intuitive and highly motivated Whilst training with Rachael I was fortunate enough to be able to observe and be on the receiving end of her work in action, for both hypnotherapy and BWRT. For anyone looking for some help in any area of their life I would highly recommend getting in touch with Rachael.'

Rachel Young

"I went to Rachael with a claustrophobia problem. Quite amazing I've suffered from this for over 40 years. With an inability to travel on the underground, or lock a toilet door, also unable to use a lift! After the first session, I immediately walked into a toilet and closed the door. I felt no fear the on rush of relief reduced me to tears! I have subsequently been travelling on the underground daily; and though not a pleasant experience I can now use the lift, which is a strange experience to finally have this freedom. However, this is thoroughly enjoyable! Thank you Rachael!"

Kevin McQuarrie

"I came to Hypnolife to help build my self esteem and self belief to make a career change. Rachael has helped me in so many ways, as she is so inspirational and is an exceptionally good hypnotherapist. I Loved it!"

Jane Shackell

"I thoroughly recommend Rachael's hypnotherapy services. I was a client of Rachael's before moving to the Norfolk area, so a little too far to visit. Rachael is a lovely therapist and was very helpful."

Kay Montanden