HypnoLife - because if not now..............then when?
What happens next?

Stress? Anxiety? HypnoLife can help.

If you think therapy may help you and you want to take the next step forward, you can often feel a little unsure so here's a brief guide of what to do next and what you can expect from me.       

  • 1) Contact me (I don't bite) nor will I make you hug trees.  Email and phone details are at the bottom of this page or go straight to the contact page here   

  • 2) We'll have a brief chat over the phone or via email and arrange your first FREE consultation which can last for anything up to an hour.       

  • 3) During the initial consultation we can talk about your particular problem(s). Ascertain what it is You want from therapy. Talk through any questions you may have. I will advise you of the possible ways forwards based on our discussions, estimated therapy sessions required (this is very ball park, each person is different).       

  • 4) You leave the consultation to think about if you wish to start therapy  based on our conversations and your better understanding.       

  • 5) You contact me to let me know you want to start therapy 'proper'. I will then work on your particular case, formulate the basis of therapy and contact you (usually within a week) to make your first appointment for therapy so we can get started. I do take the time to ensure the therapy is specific to you so please understand that I will not see you until this is ready to go. At the same time, I won't leave you waiting long.....       

  • 6) You come to your first appointment.       

  • 7) Therapy Period - including regular evaluations of progress.    

  • 8) After 'x' amounts of sessions, you leave my therapy room for the last time and I wish you a very happy life.       

The only real exceptions to this scenario is if you are attending for a 'quick fix' session for an event/situation that is imminent (ie. an exam, driving test, wedding speech etc.)   or are attending Hypnobirthing sessions/classes. 
These sessions are done alongside the initial consultation and last approx. 2 hours. We will talk prior to the consultation and therapy to establish what it is you need help with.   

Fill in our online enquiry form here and I will get back to you with 24 hours Mon-Fri.   

Email:     rachaelslack@hypnolife.co.uk   
Mobile:   07590034127
Office:   +44 (0)1908 37 77 03